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 Barrett Firearms Page

Schryver Firearms offers and specializes in Barrett rifles and accessories.

We sell and service the most popular firearms including the Barrett M107A1 and MRAD.

Trigger upgrades are also offered, and a tutorial can be viewed below.

Interested customers have the opportunity to exchange their old trigger parts for the upgrade at a discounted price.

Additional video tutorials are available for scope leveling and more.

Call us for all your Barrett needs

Barrett M107A1

Barrett MRAD

Barrett M82A1/M107 Trigger upgrade and changing

Barrett M82A1/M107 Trigger upgrade video

How to mount and level a scope video

Scope Leveler page

Barrett M82A1, M107, M107A1 Cheek Pad

Barrett M95, M99, M82A1, M107, M107A1 Softer Butt Pads

Barrett 5 round mags for the

 M82A1, M107, M107A1

$200 each





Schryver Firearms, Lin R. Schryver, PO Box 416, 102 S. First Ave., Forreston IL 61030,  815-938-9035 work  815-938-3234 fax


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